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The Outsiders

I read the Outsiders because it was a book I was writing on about for my text response for school. I must say it was one of the best books I have ever read! It is based on two rival gangs: The Greasers, who are in the low-class, and The Socs, who are in the high-class. Although I did not find some of the events that occured throughout the novel relatable because of how society has changed today, I surely gained some awareness to the hardships people who are in a minority class had to face back then. I feel lucky to live in a country where everyone is considered to be equal or life would have been harder then...

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Some good books I read

I began reading the Kite Runner quite recently. From where I'm currently reading, the novel explains Afghanistan's troubles as war starts in the 70's with two kids: Hassan (the servant) and Amir (from the privileged class). Hassan and his family come from the lower class society, the Hazaras and the Shi'a muslims (they are considered minorities unlike Pashtuns and Sunni Muslims). Many of my interests on this novel are emphasised on how I am able to relate to the occurances since I come from a Muslim background. I learn more about my religion, the stories of various people and different societies of religion, politics and classes in Afghanistan. I've previously read another novel by the same author Khaled Hosseni which is called "And the Mountains Echoed," it is one of those very compelling stories as it is also about war and the continuing generations that are facing the ongoing bombs, shootings, murders in Afghanistan to move to different countries and seek refuge.